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        The launching ceremony of “China Conservatory of Music Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Chinese National School of Music–Peking University Hall Practice Base” was held on April 5 Update Apr 10 2018

        The launching ceremony of “China Conservatory of Music Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Chinese National?School of Music–Peking University Hall Practice Base”, which is committed to the idea of “advocating aesthetic education, carrying forward Chinese cultural traditions and invigorating campus art and culture,” will be held at Peking University in Beijing on April 5.

        The base will follow the principle of “jointly promoting the inheritance and development of Chinese musical culture”, and set up a high-end platform for promoting quality-oriented education, enriching and invigorating campus culture, and facilitating musical creation and artistic practices. Wang Liguang, Chairman of Global Music Education League and President of China Conservatory of Music, and Wang Yanglin, Vice President of Peking University, will attend the launching ceremony.

        As this year marks the 120th anniversary of the founding of Peking University, a symphony concert will also be held at Peking University on the night of April 7. Wang Liguang will be art director of the concert featuring famous Chinese conductor Tang Muhai and the China Youth Philharmonic Orchestra from China Conservatory of Music. The concert will cover classical works of composers from China, Russia, Germany and the UK from different periods, ranging from the classical to romantic as well as modern and contemporary eras, and present a musical feast showcasing masterpieces from the East and the West.

        (Source: Guangming Online http://en.gmw.cn/2018-04/05/content_28226057.htm?from=groupmessage&isappinstalled=0)

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