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        Global Music Education League Update Oct 30 2017

        Global Music Education League is dedicated to promoting the establishment and inheritance of different musical cultures and musical genres worldwide. It aims to strengthen the exchange and cooperation of music education institutions in the world, and refine music education. Building a world-class platform comprises music pedagogy, research,? composition, talent cultivation, resources sharing and performing. Establishing an international system that adopts the development trend of globalization of music and promotes the development of the traditional music of all nationalities in the world. At the same time, making music an ambassador for world peace. Letting it eliminate barriers and bring more beauty into the world with its unique charm.

        After the inception of Global Music Education League, academic reuses of music will be pooled to prepare for the compilation of World Music Encyclopedia and launch Yearbook of Global Conservatories. In addition, concerted efforts will be made by league members to organize world-class international competitions.? Meanwhile, the league will enable its members to share their quality resources, jointly cultivate students, exchange faculties,? mutually recognize credits and diploma, and carry out scientific researches with concerted efforts.

        Global Music Education League will convene on a regular basis, and the president-council system will be implemented with a tenure of five years.

        Chairman?of Global Music Education League: Wang Liguang, President of China Conservatory of Music (Asia)

        Members of the council: Jamal Rossi,? Dean of Eastman School of Music (North America)

        Members of the Council: Kaarlo Hildén, Principal of Sibelius Academy (Europe)

        Members of the Council: Anne Walters Robertson, Dean of Division of the Humanities at The University of Chicago(North America)

        Members of the Council: Anna Reid,? Dean of Sydney Conservatorium of Music (Oceania)

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